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Finding Joy


The World Premiere of "Finding Joy" is scheduled as part of Two Folds on September 20-22, 2024 at ODC Theater, San Francisco. Get your tickets here!

‘Finding Joy’ is a work that illuminates the beauty of the ordinary, exploring individual experiences of navigating the modern world in pursuit of happiness. Although seemingly straightforward, this work brings contemporary relevance in Bharatanatyam practice and presentation and attempts to dismantle the hierarchical structures in the creative process.


I started this project in 2023 with my students - as collaborators, trying to dismantle the hierarchical structures, creating a safe space for them to share their perspectives, and exploring movements incorporating their lived experiences. Through this work we go beyond the boundaries of faith, shifting the focus to human emotions that connect us all together and bridge the gap between the art, artist, and the audience.


Maya Rau-Murthy | Music Director

Vishnu R  | Music Director

Conal Sathi | Musical Collaborator

Surya Ravi | Movement Collaborator

Sukanya Kumar | Movement Collaborator

Radhika Karandikar | Movement Collaborator

Anusha Sreenivasan | Movement Collaborator

Shruthi Aravindan | Movement Collaborator

Akshaya Arunkumar | Movement Collaborator

Subhashinee Krishnamurthy | Scenic Designer

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