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The Maze

The Maze - Surabhi_PC Kyle Adler.jpg

The World Premiere of "The Maze" is scheduled on Sept 20-22, 2024 at ODC Theater, San Francisco. Get your tickets here!

'The Maze' is a devised work that utilizes text, movement, poetry, music, theater, and technology to challenge conventional notions of beauty, femininity, motherhood, and idealization of womanhood. Drawing inspiration from my lived experiences and the stories of women around me who are navigating patriarchal structures, the piece aims to explore the political through the personal.


This societal maze, intertwined with hegemonic ideologies, often traps the vulnerable. This is also reflected in the current political climate in the United States, where legislation is used to control women's bodies and deprive them of their bodily autonomy and parenting choices. This served as a catalyst for the creation of ‘The Maze’. Discussions about the female body and agency at the legislative level often disregard individual experiences. I aspire for this work to redirect attention to the personal stories, fostering dialogue within the familial relationships, professional spaces, and ultimately those influencing policy-making. These conversations often serve as the catalyst for broader societal changes.


Developmental Stages: I started conceptualizing this in December 2021 and since early 2022 in collaboration with Veena Basavarajaiah as the Directer, we have been developing 'The Maze' through several residency programs, including RAW at SAFEHouse, Studio 210 Summer Residency at Deborah Slater Dance Theater during which our musical collaborator Roopa Mahadevan joined us, and residency at Bangalore International Center. We are currently in our final phase of development through our fourth residency at ODC Theater in Sep 2024.

The Maze has received funding from the Kenneth Rainin Foundation’s - New Program Grant, Dancers’ Group CA$H Grant, and Rental Discount Award from ODC Theater. We were recently awarded the Isadora Duncan Dance Awards​ (The Izzies)​ for Outstanding Achievement in Music/Sound/Text for our residency showcase at Studio 210 Deborah Slater Theater.



Veena Basavarajaiah | Director

Roopa Mahadevan | Music Composer

Nikitha Sathish | Costume Designer

Wolfgang Lancelot Wachalovsky | Projection Mapping Artist

Olivia Ting | Animation Artist

Audience Testimonials

“I loved the use of words in the work that were tied together so well. The words and the movement together was powerful”

Audience Testimonials

“What Roopa has done with the music just by using notes of ma and pa.. powerfully communicated the scene.”

Audience Testimonials

“Surabhi is such a powerhouse as a performer”

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