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Our Story

Siddhi Creative is a platform committed to fostering collaboration, creative exploration, and inclusivity in the arts. Originally established in 2016 as Siddhi Dance Academy, our journey has evolved to embrace a leadership role facilitating artistic evolution and enriching community engagement.


At Siddhi Creative, we focus on incorporating a circular, non-hierarchical environment that provides a safe space for exploration and re-imagination. While Bharatanatyam serves as our primary vocabulary for expression, we integrate it with contemporary relevance and also experiment with movement, theater, literature, poetry, music, and technology. Since 2019, our creative endeavors have drawn inspiration from diverse sources including Indian dance heritage, environmental consciousness, narratives of women, and the universal and cultural human experiences. 


We strive to learn from every situation while challenging the status quo, embracing the discomfort, and finding joy in the artistic process. Our mission is to bridge the gap between artists and audiences through dialogue, workshops, and community engagement. Siddhi Creative is where voices unite, stories unfold, and boundaries blur, creating a vibrant tapestry of cultural expression and shared humanity.

Siddhi Creative is a fiscally sponsored project of Dancers' Group and is currently seeking funds for three initiatives, for which all donations are 100% tax-deductible.

Our Mission

Siddhi Creative is dedicated to advancing Indian dance through collaboration, innovation, and community building. While preserving the traditional form, our mission is to promote its evolution with relevance to the world we live in and propagate this rich art form across frontiers and through generations.

Through interactive festivals, performances, workshops, and discussions, we aim to bridge the gap between practitioners, students, and enthusiasts, fostering a vibrant and inclusive South Asian community. Our programs are designed to create opportunities for individuals to discover and cultivate their potential in the context of Indian dance, strengthening our community and nurturing future leaders.

Our Values

Ashrutam - The Unheard Voice 2019 Premiere, presented by Surabhi Bharadwaj (Dancers - Anja

Never Stop Learning

Learn from everyone and every situation

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Have Fun

Find joy in the artistic process and spread that joy to as many as possible.

SB _ MAZE - Screenshot_2 of video by Mark Mcbeth.png

Be Curious

Question everything and challenge the status quo


Support, critique, motivate and create together. Make a safe inclusive space for all.

Create Failure

Be bold to experiment, embrace the discomfort, and don’t fear failure

Build Community

Bridge the gap between artists and audience through dialogues, workshops, and community sharing

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Finding Joy 2- PC Robbie Sweeny_edited.j
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