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Dream Tree

A dance-theater production directed by Surabhi Bharadwaj showcasing the students of Siddhi Dance Academy. 


A fictional work that explores climate change and its effects through a dream worlds engages audiences of all ages and cultural backgrounds. The work promotes sustainable living in a fun way through the voices of the next generation. 


A cast of 60 dancers presented this work to live music at the Kala Siddhi Dance Festival in May 2022 at the Dougherty Valley performing art center, San Ramon, CA. 

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Aadu Pambe

Surabhi Bharadwaj has been showcasing her unique style of movement through a series of solo recitals. She has made her mark by performing at National and International venues across India, USA, and Europe at many prestigious organizations and dance festivals. 


Surabhi's trade mark dance is the Aadu Pambe which received critical acclamation from several publications including New York Times, Broadway World, DanceTabs, and more... 

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Ashrutam - The Unheard Voice 2019 Premiere, presented by Surabhi Bharadwaj (Dancers - Anja

Ashrutam - The Unheard Voice

A dance- theater production premiered at the ODC Theater, San Francisco in November 2019. The production highlighted the stories of the Indian hereditary artists who cultivated the performing arts through several generations. It also acknowledged that we are practicing an appropriated art form.  


It is important to note that as privileged artists, practicing an art form that was appropriated from the hereditary artists, there is a greater responsibility in what stories we tell through this art. Performing stories of others cannot be equated to representation of their lives. Any amount of research will not help in understanding their lived experience and therefore, the stories get misrepresented causing more harm to the marginalized community. The marginalized communities carry with them a history of trauma, appropriation and violence. It is unjust if they are reduced to mere stories.


This work will not be presented again but Siddhi Creative acknowledges the community that came together to make this work. 

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