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Siddhi Dance Academy

Siddhi Dance academy is committed to nurturing the next generation of creative minds and spread the joy of dancing . We enable students to express and explore their thoughts, beliefs, and emotions. 


Siddhi means mastery. The pursuit of mastery can motivate one to work hard with perseverance. Siddhi aims to be that motivation for students to set their individual goals and do their Sadhana/practice.

Comprehensive Curriculum

Founded in the year 2016, we offer a comprehensive dance curriculum for students ages five and above, our institute is committed to fostering creativity while instilling humanitarian thoughts. 


While the primary genre of instruction is Bharatanatyam, workshops in other Dance forms, Music, and Theatre are offered for well-rounded dance education.

Elements of Bharatanatyam

The name Bharatanatyam is an acronym for Bha-"Bhava" (emotion), Ra-"Raga" (melody) and Ta-"Tala"(rhythm) to indicate the three important elements of natyam (dance). 


Creating beauty through movements and dynamic energy through rhythmic footwork, Bharatanatyam also serves as a tool for expression through mind, body, and soul. The body moves in geometric patterns with sharp lines and angles, which are also interspersed with graceful fluid like movements. 

History of Bharatanatyam

Bharatanatyam is dance form that originated in South India. Although, the techniques and terminologies in Bharatanatyam can be traced back to Natya Shastra (200 BCE to 200 CE), the beauty of the form is that it's constantly changing and evolving to suit the society.

It is important to note that this dance form was appropriated from the community of hereditary artists and this history of oppression and appropriation is often altered and even masked to fit the narrative of the privileged. 


We train the body so that, from head to toe each and every part is active in controlled motion. The mind constantly calculates the tala/rhythm counts, keeping the memory active, and simultaneously embodying various characters and portraying different emotions. 


It is a discipline that doesn't come overnight. One has to have patience and should work very hard with determination in order to experience it fully. Once the art is mastered, it is a blissful experience to dance, which in turn elevates the soul. 

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