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Artistic Director, Surabhi Bharadwaj

Surabhi Bharadwaj, the Artistic Director of Siddhi Creative and Siddhi Dance Academy, is a Bharatanatyam dancer, choreographer, educator, curator, and lighting designer, boasting a career spanning over a decade.

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Surabhi is trained and mentored by esteemed Gurus including K M Raman, Radha Sridhar, B Bhanumati, and is currently being mentored by Mavin Khoo. She has also learnt the Karana movement techniques under Dr. Padma Subrahmanyam and Nirupama Rajendra. In addition to that, she also holds dual Master's degrees - MFA in Bharatanatyam from Sastra University, Thanjavur, and MFA in Dance: Design and Production from Saint Mary's College of California. Surabhi's journey is steeped in tradition yet marked by innovation, earning her global acclaim through her artistry and garnering recognition from publications like the New York Times, Broadway World, and DanceTabs. 

As a performer and educator, Surabhi seeks to make Bharatanatyam more inclusive and works on content that is relevant to contemporary society with a focus on collaboration, responsiveness, justice, and community building. She critically examines the historical context of the dance form, power dynamics, and political implications in her practice. Stories of women inspire her and she often explores personal experiences and politics around women in her works.

Surabhi's commitment extends to curation of community events bringing artists together in a collaborative space, closer to the audience. The SynergyArts Community Festival is one such initiative that connects the Indian dance practitioners, students, and connoisseurs through interactive dance-related games, art booths, and performances by local dance companies all in a community park.


Recipient of grants from the Kenneth Rainin Foundation, Zellerbach Community Arts, Dancers’ Group CA$H Grant, and residencies at SafeHouse Arts, Deborah Dance Theater, and Bangalore International Center, Surabhi’s influence extends worldwide as an Empaneled Artist of the Indian Council of Cultural Relations and a Graded Artist by Indian National Television.

Her diverse artistic portfolio includes her signature snake dance “Aadu Pambe” and acclaimed productions such as "Ashrutam – The Unheard Voice" and "The Dream Tree." Currently, Surabhi is crafting "The Maze," a collaborative work with Veena Basavarajaiah, and "Finding Joy," a Siddhi Creative Ensemble production, both set for premiere at the ODC Theater in September 2024.

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